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Winners 2015

Download the results by clicking in the text to the right: Crick Scarecrow and Music Festival 2015

1st Prize - Minions

1st Minions winner


  by Johan Faelling of Chappells Farm Cottage winning £50, kindly donated by Chris from the Post Office. Well done Johan for getting the most votes and winning first prize and for saving one of the Minions for our photo!

2nd prize to The Waiting Game

2nd Prize - The waiting game by the Crick Ex-Servicemens Club. Here you can see some of the 'cast' but we had to leave out the tractor from the photo shoot!

3rd prize

3rd Prize - Maleficent & Her Dragon with Louise Gerrard of Monks Way.

4th prize

4th Prize - The Great Escape by Steve & Marina Eaton of Oak Lane, with some of their characters.

5th prize

5th Prize - Tangled by Richard Clay of Wolsey Close. The tower that Richard built for Rapunzel was too big to bring into the Red Lion for our photo session!


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