Music Festival 2016


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Crick Music Festival is an integral part of Crick's Scarecrow Weekend. The first music festival took place on the playing field in 2011 on a borrowed trailer and has taken place every year since then. It was relocated to Bury Dyke from 2012 onwards in order to be closer to the centre of the village and together with a beer tent and BBQ provides an ideal place to relax over the weekend and listen to great music. The event is free of charge with the aim of attracting people to Crick Scarecrow Festival so that all the various charities and good causes can benefit from an increase in custom. Another key aim is to support local acts, especially up and coming young artists and bands all of which play for free and are incredibly talented. So please come and support these bands/artists and all the charities/charitable causes.

‘When Ian asked me if we could contribute towards the sponsorship of this year’s 8th Crick Scarecrow and Music Festival I couldn’t say no.’ said Paul Campbell from Campbells Estate Agents. ‘It’s an honour to be invited if I’m honest. Crick is well known for its community spirit and the Scarecrow and Music Festival is a fantastic opportunity to bring everyone together , including the surrounding communities, to have some fun, put on a great scarecrow show and give some of our talented local bands an opportunity to perform. And it’s astonishing how much money is raised for local causes too. This year promises to be even better – I can’t wait.’

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Butchers Pet Care has kindly sponsored Crick Music Festival since 2012. Without this fantastic support the event could not take place. Butchers Pet Care provides pet foods for dogs and cats and is a more natural dog food with no articifial colourings, flavourings or preservatives. The company was set up in 1987 by Graham Baker whose family were award winning farmers of beef cattle. Butchers Pet Care now employs over 200 people at its base in Crick and is family owned which has led to a family atmosphere amongst staff whose loyalty and pride help keep the company strong and successful. A modern international business with a traditional heritage.

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